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We at Ragan Pty Ltd, a group of experienced and dedicated entrepreneurs, excel in restaurants and cafes set up. We are a team of strong and tight knitted members, consisting of managers, chefs, baristas and more with professional industrial experience of an average up to 5 to 10 years. We provide full support of consultancy and management that achieves high industry standards. We strive and aim to assist our partners (clients) in achieving their desired dream goals with efficient and elite perspectives within the promising time limit. 


Coffee Roaster

We are a specialty coffee roaster, roasting high quality coffee, grown at high altitudes of tropical and equatorial regions where coffee is diverse in flavour and varieties. We source green coffee beans from ethical sources where farming communities and the land are sustainable, wildlife are protected, farmers are paid fairly, are properly equipped, and given opportunity for education and medical care.

House Blend-Jack Magic Bean

A rich and well balanced medium darkroast of our secret four bean blend, combining complimentary flavor profiles from three continents.

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Single origin

A single origin coffee is from a single known geographic location, such as a farm or estate. This allows the coffee drinker to appreciate the specific nuance that a particular growing region provides. So if you are a black coffee drinker you will be more likely to perceive and enjoy this subtlety of flavour easier without milk masking it.

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Bar & restaurant project


The Opera- CoMING SOON

The Opera Restaurant & Bar will be an 80 seat dine-in restaurant with 35-40 tables. It will be open 7 days a week and focus on a traditional Chinese menu with modern Australian influences.  A large service bar will be set up depending on the final size of the restaurant.

New establishments are critical in bringing energy and interest to the local area.  The Opera will be a great location to catch up with friends - a cool, friendly and unique place with excellent food that will take its diners on an Asian food journey.  It will be a destination diners can rely on to deliver the best.  The interiors for The Opera Restaurant will be designed in authentic Chinese Opera style, featuring a high quality fit-out to produce a cosy dining room with a lively bar, comfortable furnishings and décor in soothing tones.  It will be the perfect place for a quick bite to eat, a drink with friends, or for a business meeting.  The menu will give diners a unique Chinese culinary experience and will attract people from a broad demographic area.

The menu will be inspired from China’s 8 great regional cuisines and appeal to a diverse clientele.  The signature dishes will include traditional Sichuan spicy kong po chicken, Ma po tofu and Cantonese prawn and lobster dumplings.  There will be separate lunch and dinner menus that will change seasonally, keeping dishes that become favourites and adding new ones to maintain diner interest in the menu.  Prices will be competitive with other restaurants in the area, however The Opera will provide higher value to its diners than competitors through superior quality of food, service and entertainment.

During summer, diners will be able to sit outside in a small garden area.  The service will be relaxed and friendly but also extremely professional.  We will hire the best people available, training, motivating and encouraging them to develop a friendly yet efficient manner to fully engage clientele in The Opera's unique dining experience.

Success is extremely important to us and we believe it will be achieved by combining excellent food and high-quality service within unique surroundings.  We have created financial projections based on our experience and knowledge of the area...... 


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